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Don't think I'm mocking you or powder your brains, my sweet-sweet heart, I just have had no time to translate, and I was forced to "roll" your story that I saw such an amazing b-roll... And I don't think I was wrong, it was all too clear, Callum and Aguilar fighting in the corridors of the Animus... all right?.. I can't say that I have in my head is a mush, most everything is very logical... If someone invaded my brain, I'm hardly greeted him with a desire to hug, hugged her closer. who knows why he came here, maybe except for the brain and my consciousness he will need more and my body)) to dwell in him and to live in another time at my expense)) in any case, it at least needs to be a willingness to defend, if possible, to attack... before all this you said, I think that's the thing... Ezio and Desmond saw each other, in addition to the two of them couldn't see no one... Aguilar walks down the hall with purpose... but who it attacks... maybe it's Callum... why must set to be an assumption that these two will be imbued with mutual sympathy.uuuuh .. you)) all the fun... and what other surprises await me around every corner if I go after Callum and Aguilar... I love this feeling... to leave everything as is and just watch... fingering assumptions as the beads of the rosary and then let go... I think it's a habit of gamers to enjoy the game in each video, as an extraordinary gift... I don't know for whom, but for me, every time it was... as sometimes want to leave the keys and the mouse and see all the eyes resting on the events that pass before my eyes and coming to his senses in time to be included, not to miss the moment when all will again depend on you... forgive me, beloved, I now imagined what strange circumstances you propose, in some sense... sitting in front of my man and ponders, I know, because I – "the party regatta", and the mission was completed and I know it all to chance... how I behave... to smile... to be just... smooth how to make so that not to hurt if she pokes a finger into the sky, suddenly she was offended)) or maybe she's waiting for me she says anything, I'll signal when a guess will be correct... But actually I do not achieve it)) I just terribly want you to sit there and say... we can even get a job so that I lay with my head on your chest and we'll hold our hands together... so you can iron fingers, almost as an afterthought, but affectionate or draw something on the palm, and then we won't have to exchange glances... you will even be able to quietly smile, and I will hear it, and just accept me as your heat)) so I keep wondering... all this time I never expected anything, never thought, I just followed you almost blindly, to believe take all your decisions, and this I did not like, but the time came when I regretted it... for the first time in my life I trusted so uncontrollably, as if driving at high speed on a motorcycle or on horseback just hugging you by the waist and pressed against your cheek back... eyes closed... what's the difference, to me anyway, it was not to see... was I supposed to know that for me, you will do better than for myself... although I still don't know who of us is more stubborn and harmful (pridirchivy), I want to say)) one more thing... there yesterday on tw, got some douche with their predictions in the form of pictures, and it was stupid and disgusting, I was glad when I saw that he was already in the block... you don't give anyone mercy, my beloved, please... erase them all people are senseless, cruel and harmful in the network, and therefore, they do not belong there... "all who are not with us they are against us", at least until the situation becomes clearer and our assassins will not rise to his feet so hard that they will not be anyone to disturb... if none of my, sorry... I kiss you, my love...


Elena and Olga

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