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You know, my love, for some reason I was so happy when you said we were going to BD)) May be, I still hold in the subconscious somewhere thought that MMORPG you less like than RPG or quests)) so I was definitely pleased that I was wrong)) I kiss you in both ears and in both cheeks)) and I still sound like your wonderful words... that's so magical can begin and last day)) we're going to crush everybody in the cabbage and lettuce)) Mikey, may you have today is the same day as you've made the beginning of my... my love... Zaiushik with whom we will start today their victory?.. you can try to slay that last time well kicked our tails... then they were for us, as enemies, the purple color and it means "very cool to win", but now they are already red, it's possible to take revenge, however we did not get it because they vigibase from the earth from all sides and attack in the end from the six of us... but we tried to be honest, not even once... the only problem is that malenkimi we've dealt for a long time, and clean up idle territory makes no sense, we need to slay the Berserkers, but he is one and plus five small, we still can not handle... where do we go... do you remember the place where yesterday we circled, because there was nowhere to put a horse?.. and sounds dreadful roaring over the ear right?)) in promising, this clan Gujrat where the tower with the black crescents is very real, and they steal inventory, attack and they have hyenas for some reason I seemed to like crocodiles standing on their hind legs)) then when I looked closer, it turned out that no, not similar, but the first impression was zastavilo in my eyes or in my head, and I now see them in the book "Stolen sun", where the crocodile swallows the sun, and in all the land night is falling)) is a horror movie for kids about four years old)) so I tried now to remember the lyrics and realized that all starts there and with you too, golubchik moj:

The sun across the sky walked

And the cloud ran.

Zain'ka glanced out the window,

Became Zain'ka dark.

Cloud, apparently, to an adult perspective, and it was the terrible crocodile, but in the story he was angry and quite real))

Else was strange with the hyenas thing: somehow good for the job, not all, beat four is added to the trophy only one, though above all there is the mark – assignment)) that's where we still are fighting)) and I feel just fine... so today I'm happy just to be with you, I still do that... but if you don't mind, I would still be with you about Assassin's Creed talk... I have noticed one thing that made me gasp to myself, but confused I still couldn't do anything and then it will be... but why?.. or is all the "preservatives-assassins" potential candidates to the madness... my ant works hard, but while in the conclusion did not come)) I kiss both your knees, your wrists, and the hood boys... I thought maybe you fell asleep and then it was the safest place to not to bother you... my love... my sweetie... my beloved honey...


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